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green technology

continuous search for sustainable solutions

“taking care of the environment, thinking about the choices we make.”

the value of process, techniques and sustainable materials.

unique ed innovative

exclusive material for the production of capsules for still, sparkling wines and spirits.
much more than a polylaminate.
real technology which share excellent performances with a low environmental impact.

we recover the solvents. we don't burn them!

Enoplastic has a state-of-the-art system able to reduce the energy consumption and emissions by recovering the solvents used during the printing process of both DERMA and heat-shrinking capsules.

if in the past the solvents were burned with a combustion process, thanks to this new generation plant, Enoplastic recovers them in the form of ethyl acetate reusing the solvents for many printing process.

almost 150 tons / year: quantity of solvents recovered with the addition of savings in terms of reduced emissions into the environment.

cutting-edge printing machines

Enoplastic has got extremely performing gravure printing machines able to match most challenging graphic artworks.
highly sophisticated vision systems offer accurate controls even for:

registered print up to 8 colors.

unique forming machines

all Enoplastic forming machines are unique devices.
they are designed and built based a proprietary technology to meet the needs or to anticipate the demand.

the sophisticated control systems guarantee the high level industrial levels providing constant shapes and characteristics over time.


Best Enoplastic Environmental Solution
innovative material WITHOUT PVC for shrink capsules.
concrete response to the request for an ecological material.