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warranty details

Enoplastic screw caps are aluminum guarantee closure for wines and spirits compatible with BVS bottles neck finish.
perfect solution for an easy opening and closing to minimize the impact on the organoleptic qualities of the wine, preserving its aroma, flavor and freshness.
able to control the OTR (oxygen transfer rate) levels avoiding any risk of cork taint.

screw caps 30 x 60mm

various standard and custom colors available.
several decoration opportunities: screen printing, foil stamping, offset, inkjet and laser.

different seals available:

  • Saranex: recommended for still wines which will be in stock for up to one or two years.
  • Tin liner, less permeable than the saranex is recommended for those wines that can be stored for
    longer periods of up to 10 years or for white wines avoiding their oxidation
  • GPF, the liner for sparkling wines.


the secure closure for absolute protection of your product.
special combination of a 30x60mm screw cap combined with a heat-shrink material applied over the screw cap.


  • total security
  • tamper-evident solution
  • large decorative possibilities


much more than a screw cap: revolutionary, eco-friendly concept and tamper resistant.
this is the unique combination of a screw cap 30x15mm combined with a heat-shrink capsule applied over the screw cap.


  • compact size
  • reduction of logistics costs
  • solution for anti-tampering
  • reducing the carbon foot print
  • creative opportunities for your brand

technical documents: