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attention to detail

materials, colors, decorations with different shapes and dimensions to identify the brand.
personality, good taste and technic into one product.
Enoplastic capsules are guarantee closures for still and sparkling wines, spirits, olive oils and vinegars.
different materials to match your needs.
choose DERMA capsules (the exclusive polylaminate by Enoplastic)
or from heat-shrink material (PVC or PET-G).


the hood for sparkling wines.

the sole hood made in DERMA, the exclusive polylaminate developed by

Enoplastic, replacing the conventional polylam.


the capsule made in DERMA, easy to spin down. perfect closure for elegant still wines and spirits.

style and quality for an iconic look.
excellent and green alternative solution to tin.


the capsule made from heat-shrink material (PVC or PET-G).

flexible solution which is well suited to the shape of the bottle. easy to use and fully customizable.